Library offers opportunities for resume improvement

Originally published 2/9/2011 in the Christian County Headliner

In an exciting development for job seekers, Optimal Resume software, one of several new databases the library is premiering in February, is now available to all cardholders in the Christian County Library system.
Optimal Resume users can create the full spectrum of career documents, from resumes and cover letters to online portfolios, video resumes and professional website. They can also practice answering common interview questions and share the recorded answers to get feedback and suggestions for improvement.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the unemployment rate for Missouri in December, 2010 was 9.5 percent, the 35th highest for any state. Many workers in Missouri have been displaced or are transitioning in their careers right now. Optimal Resume provides all the resources that job seekers need to help them create their professional documents, such as resumes and cover letters, to get noticed by prospective employers as well as resources to assist in interview preparation.

“This goes far beyond simple resume templates,” said Rhonda Riley, head of technology at the library. “There are sample resumes for dozens of career fields and positions, lists of power words to spark ideas, the ability to easily create your own website and even options for staging mock interviews with your webcam. Our staff was blown away by the possibilities.”

Mark McNasby, chief executive officer of Optimal Resume, said he is thrilled to work with job seekers in Christian County. “Every day we hear how Optimal Resume is making a difference for job seekers,” he said. “Whether it’s by helping them create great resumes, or be more confident during an interview, patrons can use the software with little or no assistance required from a library staff member. We will continue to strive to provide libraries with online career software that is useful for almost all ages and skill levels.”
To learn more about services provided through this database, visit and click on the Optimal Resume icon.

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