Carpet remodel update 12/29

  •  Today, Wednesday: DVD/Junior Fiction area is being carpeted.
  •  Thursday: Children department's old carpet will be removed. Sanding is estimated to begin sometime around 11:00am. We are going to reopen at 5:00pm,
  • Friday: Director's Office & Special Location stack areas will have the old carpet removed and sanded. Children's department can be open with bare concrete. (We can get the books shelved hopefully.) Sanding in Special location is estimated to begin around 11:00am, but could be a little earlier or later. We will just close when the sanding begins.
  •  Monday: Children's Department will be carpeted first and will need to be closed for half of the day.   The rest of the library will be open.
  • Tuesday: Special Location and Director's Office will be carpeted.
  • Wed and following days the remainder of the building

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