Watercolor Program

Appeared In the News-Leader 7-7-2010

By Katy Pattison

The Summer Reading Program, “Make a Splash,” continues at the Christian County Library in July with more water-themed activities for preschoolers, grade-schoolers, and even teens. There are 10:30am story hours for all ages each Tuesday and Wednesday. Wednesday, July 14th, the library is hosting a Pirate Party for 3-6 year olds at 10:30am, and “Octopus Garden” July 21st at 10:30am. For 7-12 year olds, there’s “Underwater Wonders” July 14th at 2:30pm, where they’ll hear stories and create dioramas of an ocean scene.

Teens can participate in the summer program too, and they’ll want to sign up for “Watercolor with Jane Huggins.” Teens will learn a masking off technique using watercolors, where tape is applied to the paper to create white areas, and local artist Huggins will teach participants to do watercolor washes to create an abstract underwater scene.

Watercolors are a good medium for teens learning to paint, who, according to Huggins, tend to be hesitant when they begin painting. Watercolor is her favorite medium, says Huggins, who works at the Finley River Art Gallery. “It’s all about color. With watercolor, the white of the paper shines through and makes the color appear brighter. It works with the paper instead of covering it.” Huggins wasn’t always a professional artist. Her interest in creating art began while she was a professional clown. Fascinated by clowns, she began drawing them in colored pencil. She soon moved on to painting them, and then retired from clowning to become a full time artist. But it wasn’t until she was in her 40s that she realized there was more to watercolor than a plain box of eight colors, and she hopes to share her love of the medium with teens who attend the Christian County Library program.

Jane Huggins has plenty of experience teaching art. She is currently teaching residents at NorthPark Village, an assisted living facility in Ozark, has taught art in Indiana and substituted in Springfield high schools. She’ll be teaching this class for 13-18 year olds July 22nd at 2:30pm at the Christian County Library.

As always, library programs are free to attend. Call 417-581-2432 to register, or visit the Christian County Library website at http://christiancounty.lib.mo.us to see the full list of upcoming activities.

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