Five Things You Didn’t Know You Could Get at the Library

Appeared In the News-Leader 6-23-2010
By Katy Pattison

If you haven’t been to a public library recently, you might not know what you’re missing. We hear it all the time: “Who needs the library now that we have the internet?” or “I don’t really like to read. Why would I use the library?” Book lovers know that the library is still about books, but a modern public library is about more than just books. The Christian County Library may be stuck in its 70’s-era building for the time being, but the programs and materials offered there are anything but dated. Here are five things you didn’t know you could get at the Christian County library, all for free:

Have you heard about Playaways? These are tiny portable audio devices, about 2x3 inches, with pre-loaded digital content. You can get everything from the latest James Patterson novel to Sarah Palin’s biography to Spanish lessons, or even a guided yoga workout. Just slip it in your pocket and clean the house, work in the garden, or take a walk while you listen.

If you have a library card and a computer with internet access, you can use eBooks. These are full length books you read on your computer. Skip around in a book with a click of your mouse, or search for a word or topic within a book. The Christian County Library gives you 24/7 access to at least 4,600 eBook titles on a broad range of topics.

Want an Ivy League education, but can’t afford it? Great Courses CDs and DVDs offer course lectures from top-rated professors who teach at leading universities in a variety of disciplines. Learn about Religion, Philosophy History, Social Sciences and more. CCL has over 50 Great Courses, and the collection continues to grow.

On top of fresh formats and materials, the Christian County Library offers programs and activities for everyone. There are classes year round, covering basic computer skills and search techniques, specialized programs like Microsoft Word and Excel, job searching, and even genealogy research.

And, if you just want to be entertained, you can attend Movie Days. CCL shows popular movies on our big screen. Admission and refreshments are free. Come see “Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl” June 26th at 12:30pm and “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” July 10th at 1pm.

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