Christian County Library Post-Election Survey 2009 Results


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Melanie said...

I am hoping that information concerning the issue is made available in more visible places. I voted for the new library and will do so again, but I would not have been aware of the issue had I not happened to go into a book sale at the library.

Anonymous said...

The only way I would vote for the library if I could see a better use of the money. The excessive spending on these buildings is sad. Why not make simple buildings to house books? This is the original purpose of a library. If people want a fancy building, let them donate, not force it by taxes. And since when does a cafe have anything to do with literacy, or education, or improving the mind? We have restaurants in town for cafe needs. I think that all these buildings could be made functional, energy efficient, and convenient with a fraction of the current budget.

Anonymous said...

"The Christian County Library exists to serve informational, cultural, educational and
recreational needs of all Christian County residents. All county residents shall have free
and equal access to all library materials."

THIS is the purpose of a library. This in fact was taken directly from the library’s Statement of Purpose in their policy manual. Libraries are no longer simple buildings to house books. They are technologically advanced buildings that provide much more than just books. Among other things the library currently provides: free computer courses, free programs for people of all ages, free space available for meetings of all kinds, access to DVDs and videos, access of audio books in a variety of formats, free internet access to the public, free access to magazines and newspapers, free access to Chilton’s online repair database, free access to thousands of authoritative reference sources, a friendly and helpful staff to point you in the direction that you will find the information that you seek. The Christian County Library has managed all ofthat on a shoestring budget. Imagine what they could do for the county and its communities with a budget that they deserve.

Libraries have changed and evolved to keep pace with the changing world. Perhaps you should think about changing with them instead of griping about how much it will cost.

In direct address to the café, perhaps the library does not directly need a café. But maybe the café would be run by the Friends of the Library and the proceeds will ultimately go back to the library. Maybe they lease the space and the lease money goes to the library. Either way the café is of monetary benefit to the library, wouldn’t you agree?

Also when was the last time that YOU donated money to the library? How much was it?

Anonymous said...

" A liberal is someone with a burning desire to change the world, and they plan to use your money to do it."

G. Gordon Liddy