Christian County announced today that the winners of the Fall Basket drawing are Adam Fellner and Kathy Withrow.

Adam is a sixth grade student at Ozark Upper Elementary. He participates in Scouts and AWANA. He likes baseball, basketball, and reading good books.

Adam is pictured here with his father, Karl Feliner, who says his son is “a great kid.”

Kathy is a Senior at Ozark High School. She works part time at Murfins’, plays flute in the band, and participates in Color Guard.

Kathy has been accepted at Missouri Science of Technology in Rolla and looks forward to studying aerospace engineering after graduation.

She is excited about the proposal of three new libraries because there will be more books and a greater library.

Elizabeth Barns, President of Friends of the Library, presented the baskets. Each basket contains two books currently on the best seller list, candy and other seasonal items.

The baskets for the Christmas Holiday will be on Display at Christian County Library by November 21st and the drawing will take place on December 16th.

For more information regarding how you can enter, contact Christian Count y Library at 417-581-2432.

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