Three Pieces of Land

The Central Library will be at 801 N Fremont Rd, Nixa, adjacent to the Richwood campus of OTC. If you drive up Fremont Road from 14 you will see the sign fairly quickly.

The West County Branch will be on Highway 14 beside the People’s Bank in Clever, with entries from both Highway 14 and Public Avenue.

The East County Branch will be at 161 Wilson Court, across Highway 14 from the Sparta Post Office, between the Sparta Cemetery and the shopping center with the doctor’s office and Family Cafe.

Why was land purchased before the election?

Christian County land in visible, accessible locations with utilities available has become much harder to find and more expensive in recent years. Searching for appropriate land and obtaining it is a lengthy procedure. Voters often told us that they needed to know where the libraries would be and what they would include before making a decision on their vote. In anticipation of someday being able to provide better for library users, the district has been saving a little money each year for about fifteen years. Since the land might not be available later, the search would be unpredictable, and the price could be expected to increase, we bought the land with the saved money. Another advantage is that, having the land allows construction of new libraries much quicker after approval than if a land search had to follow an election.


Kris said...

I would rather have liked that "saved money" to have gone to renovating the current Ozark library instead of using it to buy land in other locations. I'm not in support of abandoning this part of our Ozark history that has been there for over 50 years. Also, this library is one way of getting the residents to our park area. If we take that away then people will soon start forgetting or not even knowing about our park and mill, we are driving them towards Nixa. It's bad enough right now that when I talk to Ozark residents that they don't even know we have a park, mill, or square. We need to keep the library in this area, it's vital to Ozark.

Christian County Library said...

We appreciate the input. Public surveys indicated that more than 70% of county residents preferred the three-branch option, and architects indicated it would be expensive and impractical to expand the current library. We are a county-supported library, not a city library, and hope the new plan will better serve the entire county rather than being convenient only to residents of Ozark.

Christian County Library said...

See our FAQ ( for more information on this issue.