Sparta is Newest Library Pick-Up and Return Site

Materials checked out from the Christian County Library may now be returned to Sparta. J & M Foods is providing space for a book return along the sidewalk between the grocery and the video store. The book return formerly at Chadwick School was moved July 31 and is now available. All library materials go here, not inside the store.

Any one with a valid Christian County Library card may request books, DVD’s, audio books or other materials eligible for check out for delivery to the store. Library staff will call or e-mail when materials have been left. Residents may pick up their items during regular store hours. You will need to show your library card and sign that you have received the package.

Whether checked out from the library, the library van on its route or picked up at J & M Foods, all Christian County Library material may be placed in the book drop.

We anticipate the pick-up and delivery schedule to be three days a week, probably about five p.m. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

All materials will be delivered in sealed and barcoded fabric library bags for privacy and security. The bags are also checked out to the user and are to be returned in the book return.

Questions about the service should be addressed to library staff at 581-2432, or J & M Foods will provide space for the book return and storage of packages of requested materials, and will check identification of each package and of person getting the package and hold the signed receipts for library pick-up. The library appreciates their generosity in providing this service. Current and new library users are urged to take advantage of the new convenience and express your appreciation to J & M staff.

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